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Spotlight: Nooworks!


Some of you might be aware that I have a few consistent obsessions. One major obsession of mine is coveralls. Or jumpsuits. Really any onesie of any length and I’m most likely going to want to buy it. Another obsession is bright and bold prints. Especially animal prints. If you present me with either of those things, and I’m a total goner.

ENTER NOOWORKS!!! This woman owned company combines all of those obsessions into one! Nooworks is based out of California, and I am so down with what this business stands for. For starters, all of their materials and products are produced in the USA. Add that they use plant based materials for all their fabrics (heck yeah!) and make limited edition collections from some truly rad artists, and you’ve got a winning combination in my book! All their prints are bold, fun, exciting, and loud in the BEST ways. It’s hard not to purchase from every collection!

I first found out about Nooworks a handful of years ago when a girl walked into the shop where I was working and she was wearing this crazy cheetah jumpsuit that had a lavender background and these insane orange cheetah faces all over it. I had to know where it was from and she hipped me to the brand! I’ve been a fan ever since. (side note: of course, because all of their runs are super limited, they were sold out of said jumpsuit and it’s the design that I dream about to this day, so if anyone ever finds one floating around and you’re thinking, “Gee, I really feel like giving Mia a present!”, I would happily take it off your hands!

Dream jumpsuit!!

Anyway, back to this badass business! The first thing I purchased from them was the panther coveralls. Obsessed! It reminded me of the cheetah print that I missed out on with the big faces all over it, and I had to have it. These coveralls are the best around. If you’re looking for something that is comfortable and stylish, lightweight, and oh so easy to wear, this cut has your name on it. There is a huge zipper up the front, and I personally sized up to a small so they would be nice and roomy and baggy. The extra small fit me but my torso is a little long, so for ultimate comfort I went with the small which feels perfect for me! (They are currently coming out with a great “every body” sizing guide, so check that out if you are looking into ordering from them. It’s super helpful!)

At home in my tiki room

Sticking to my animal theme, I was pulled back in when the Blue Tigers print came out. Who doesn’t want to be covered in tigers at all time?? Exactly. Tigers. All. The dang. Time.

Shoes: Miss L Fire

Isn't it the best? I might wear this one the most out of all the ones I own...

After being the proud owner of these two pairs of coveralls, I thought it was time to try another style. I’d been eyeing their overalls for awhile, but I was waiting for just the perfect print to come out so I could pull the trigger. Lo and behold, a dog print. Dead. I died. If you know me, me and dogs are a thing. I have three myself, and if I could, I’d have a farm full of all the rescue babies I could handle! Needless to say I couldn’t pass up on this print, and I purchased as soon as the design was released!

Shoes: Frye

These are actually super cool because they have two sets of buttons at the top of the overalls so you can get a really custom fit to your bust. As it’s still a billion degrees because we’re still in the middle of summer in New Orleans, I’ve only worn them as is, but I can’t wait for the cooler months to try and wear a cute collared or long sleeve shirt underneath for fun layering!

Last but not least, I was insanely lucky and was able to snag a pair of the Micotti Cat overalls! This print is everything. I originally missed out on my size when the print first came out and was super bummed, but recently I just happened to be on their website, and all of the sudden a size small was back in stock, so I pounced! I am SO thrilled that I bought them because they are AMAZING!!! The pop of color on these gives me all the happiness in the world…I love that an badass outfit can bring me so much joy!

Necklace: Rosita Bonita Shoes: Miss L Fire

Anyway, I hope y’all check out his incredible company! Support small businesses, support artists, and support creative and unique threads!

Happy shopping!


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