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My new Micro Mini Obsession!


Last weekend, I traveled to teach a few classes at All Balboa Weekend, which is a dance event that is held every June in Cleveland. One thing I love about these dance events I travel to is that often there are vintage venders that set up right outside of the dances for the entirety of the weekend. I don’t even have to leave the venue I’m working at to go vintage shopping? Heck yes!

On the first day I arrived, I immediately walked over to the vintage racks to browse the selection. I’ve been on a hunt the last half a year or so for the perfect 60’s micro mini dress (online hunting mostly as I’ve not had much luck finding anything in New Orleans) . It’s funny how your preferences change over time! Honestly, for most of my life I’ve been way more drawn to fashion from the 1940’s and 50’s. I’ve always been a curvier gal (especially so before I lost a lot of weight due to my change in diet and exercise) so those eras have always really suited me. Fashion then was way more focused on the hourglass shape. Highlighting the waistline in the 50’s with voluminous skirts, or in the 40’s when there was a focus on a strong shoulder that in turn made the waistline look smaller. I think what’s changed for me is not that I don’t like those eras anymore (because I still totally do!) but rather, now that I’m shaped a little differently, I’m excited to explore other decades that perhaps I didn’t give a chance to before. Its a cool exploration for me! There are some decades that I never really gave much thought to even though I loved the fashion because I just expected that there was nothing there for my body type.

I’ve been having so much fun trying new styles this last year and figuring out what works for me now. Another thing I'm finding this year is that I’ve also just been caring a lot less! Some of those old hang ups, I just think to myself, “Why? Why be negative if I can be positive? Why not try the new things and explore them for fun?” As I’m getting older, I’m finding it’s all about letting go and just trying the things you want to try and doing the things you want to do! So lately I’ve really been having strong vibes for fashion from the 60’s and 70’s…out of my norm? Absolutely. Gonna try it anyway? Yes indeed!

A quick little tidbit about me when it comes to my searching for vintage…I’m extremely picky. My husband can attest to this, although he might choose a different word. Maybe obsessive? Yeah, I'm pretty sure he'd say obsessive! If I type in a search on Etsy for instance, I’m searching for hours. Days. All under the same keyword. I don’t want to miss anything! I might have multiple searches going at the same time, all similar searches with different words, and each one I will search diligently until the end. I know…it’s time consuming. Perhaps a little crazy. But it’s how I operate. And I rarely buy to be honest! Because if it’s not exactly what I’m looking for, I just assume that it’s under another search word, and that I need to look harder!

Needless to say, in my endless searching for the perfect micro mini dress, I never found the ONE. I found a few contenders! But I wasn’t sold enough to hit the “buy now” button. Maybe it’s because I’ve never really tried these dresses on before, so I was a little nervous to go for it! Either way, they are still in my favorites on Etsy just waiting for me to visit them again.

Well, this long tangent is only to bring you back to the vintage pop up in Cleveland! Amongst all the clothing, one piece stood out. Amongst the circle skirts and the rayon dresses, there was one dress that looked different from the rest. I ran over to it immediately. A 60’s mini! In a super unusual pattern! But even better, it turned out to be a little romper, with shorts hiding underneath the skirt of the dress! I quickly went to try it on, and it was the perfect fit. Beyond excited, I purchased immediately, and now I’m the proud owner of a micro mini romper and it’s the most darling thing in the world!

While I’m sure if I saw this online, I would have passed it up due to the unusual fabric, I’m so glad I saw it in person because I think it’s the cutest thing ever!

And y’all, this little detail is to die for….check out the matching pocket on the hidden shorts that are under the skirt! How adorable is that!

Yes, that's my sweet little Josephine Boxer sneaking up behind me!

The print reminds me of vintage kitchen wallpaper from when I grew up in the midwest…I kind of love it.

Finding this little gem has truly started a new obsession. The new set of searches for more mod dresses is on!



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